Developing Baby's Sensory Organs

Baby's Sensory Organs

Developing Baby's Sensory Organs through Play

Parents of infants are always eagerly searching for ways to rouse their child's curiosity. They are always so excited to watch their baby grow and learn and develop. The sensory organs are among the very first to develop in babies and taking time to play with your baby and actively engage in games that stimulate the senses is a means to learning.

This can be done quite easily thru normal play with your child. Infants love bright, bold colors. Providing interesting items for baby to look at and hold will peak his curiosity and you'll enjoy watching your baby's reactions. At this age, it's not quite so important what the toy is as long as it has interesting colors and is safe for your child to handle.

Babies also enjoy repetitive things. This can be in the form of music, little songs you entertain him or her with or even making silly, comical faces. Interactive play of any sort will help in the development of your baby's attention span, nervous system, memory and more. It is proven that babies receiving this extra attention and physical contact develop muscle coordination at a faster pace than average.

Touching your baby is a wonderful way to get your child's attention. It stimulates curiosity and gives the baby contact with someone he trusts which proves to be relaxing as well as reassuring to baby. Just play with your baby's fingers and toes and give a few gentle tickles; you'll have your baby's complete attention and you'll both become quite entertained watching one another.

Babies react quite positively to a gentle massage. Find a time where you and baby can have some quiet time together for an infant massage. When you prepare to begin the massage, warm some oil in the palms of your hands and watch your baby as he listens to the sounds of the oil and follows the movement of your hands and smells the fragrance from the oil. Recognize these actions have activated all your baby's sensory organs through preparations for a simple massage. Gently massage your baby's arms, legs, fingers and toes. Rub his belly, kiss his feet and make eye contact with your baby. It is a very bonding experience.

Along with these things, try other activities that come to mind. Together you will discover lots of things to enjoy, all the while helping your baby grow and learn!

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