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Before you visit any child care center, it's better for you to call and talk with the family day care provider or center director to get some basic information about it.

It is absolutely crucial to look into finding the right child care centre to take care of your little boy or girl. After all, you would not just hire a babysitter from off the street, so why would you just go and get the very first child care centre that you find and leave your kids there? You really should not. Just because a child care center is there does not meant that it is really a fit and fully qualified place for you to leave your kids. For all you know, it might be barely certified, or not certified at all. Different states and different cities have very different rules about what is required for someone to run a child care centre, so you need to make sure that you are getting a place that really is qualified to take care of your kids, not one that is barely legally squeezing through.

Begin looking a few months before your child will need care, if possible.

Of course, if you do find a child care centre that looks good, do not just trust your feelings. Your instincts are where you should start, but not where you should finish. If it looks good, you had better take the next step and interview the staff there and make sure that the child care centre is alright. A lot of child care centres out there look good on the surface, but below the depths are actually negligent and irresponsible. You should, if possible, get advice from a friend or relative who has used that child care centre, or at least from another parent who has a kid that goes to that one. Otherwise, there is no way that you will know for sure.

The best way to know about a child care centre, of course, is to ask the kids. If you send your kid to the child care centre for one day, be sure to ask him or her what he or she thought about it, and how his or her day went when he gets home. Pay attention to whether or not everything seems okay. Your kid will find a way to tell you if things went badly, but he or she may not feel comfortable telling you directly, so watch for any subtle signs. It is best for you as a parent to catch any bad situation before it has a chance to go and get out of control. That is the best you can do.

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